1 Thes. 5: Avoiding the “darkness”—on Probing the Prophets with Rod

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1 Thes. 5: Avoiding the "darkness"—on Probing the Prophets with Rod
Having addressed their first misunderstanding regarding the coming of Jesus; Paul sets out in this chapter to put the second misunderstanding to rest, as well. Misunderstanding #1–“Do we have to be still living when Jesus returns to be part of it?” they wondered. “No!” said Paul. “We all–living or deceased–will be ‘with Him’ at His return.” Clearly, Paul expected most of his readers to be still breathing when Jesus returned.

Misunderstanding #2 differs from the first. Paul lays it out and answers it here in chapter five: “When will the Lord come?” 

As Paul addressed this we note three critical truths: 1) What they had learned from Paul, himself; 2) What they knew from Jesus’ teachings; and, 3) What Paul argued from the prophets (with emphasis on Isaiah).

Connecting “dots” and seeing how the Big Picture comes together is both exhilarating and faith-building. That is verses 1–11. Equally soul-satisfying is to see the down-to-earth, rubber-meets-the-road applications that follow. These are in verses 13–28. Both sections demand our respect and attention.

Join me as we conclude book one of Paul’s writings to Thessalonica.