Our Plans:
  • 6 week plan – 1ad spot per page for $23.80/ 6 weeks
  • 3 month plan – 3ad spots per page for $84.48/month
  • 6 month plan – 4ad spots per page for $105.60/month
  • 12 month plan – 4ad spots per page for $1013.76 that’s a 20% savings
  • Ad Impressions – 3¢ ($.03 per ad impression – all pages of our site)
    We define an ad impression as being one advertisement per page viewed, at a rate of 3 cents multiplied by the average number of clicks per per month divided by the number of ads per page.
    This plan with 45,000 page views per month at a rate of 40 clicks per month per ad would equal $540.00 per year  This plan is one of our most economical ad placement plans.
  • Sponsored Articles – 2 minute read articles would be at a rate of $2 per article to be paid each month prior to the publishing of the article. Must meet our policy standards.
  • Sponsored Link Backs – Our rate would be $24 per year with an impression rate of at least 25% of our total content. Paid in full prior to the start up of publishing your links.
  • All payments shall be made to our Paypal account.

Your ads will be linked to the location you desire. (including Facebook)

Contact Allyn at support@fulfilledmedia.com