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Articles by Charles Meek

  1. How to Interpret the Bible
  2. Preterism: What’s Different, What’s the Same?
  3. Why I Became a Preterist
  4. Were the Writers of the New Testament Preterists?
  5. What Is Evangelical Preterism?
  6. Bible Prophecy Introduction (“Cliff Notes” Version)
  7. Ten Tips on Understanding Bible Prophecy
  8. What is the “Eschaton”
  9. What Are the Biblical Last Days (Part 1)
  10. What Are the Biblical Last Days? (Part 2)
  11. Whom Should We Trust?
  12. What Is a Coming of God?
  13. Coming on Clouds
  14. The Futurist’s Big Dilemma
  15. End Times Bible Study
  16. Second Coming Bible Study
  17. Preterism 101: List of Prophetic Imminence Passages
  18. History of False Prophets among Our Christian Brothers
  19. 1948 and False Prophecies
  20. What Does the Bible Say about the Nature of the Second Coming?
  21. What Does the Bible Say about the Timing of the Second Coming?
  22. When Was the Olivet Discourse Fulfilled?
  23. The Great Apostasy Fulfilled
  24. Apocalyptic Language of Scripture
  25. What Is the Kingdom of Heaven?
  26. Day or the Hour — and — Day as a Thousand Years
  27. Parable of the Wedding Feast
  28. Always Coming Soon?
  29. What is a Biblical Generation?
  30. This Generation
  31. “This Generation” According to Scholars
  32. Changing of the Covenants
  33. Abomination of Desolation
  34. Twisting Scripture


  1. Restoration: No More Tears
  2. Restoration: No More Death or Suffering
  3. Revelation: Its Central Theme Illuminated
  4. “Soon” in Revelation
  5. Revelation: Questions and Answers
  6. Who is the Harlot Babylon of Revelation?
  7. What Was Armageddon?
  8. Who Is the Beast of Revelation?
  9. What is the “Mark of the Beast?”
  10. Who Were the 144,000 of Revelation?
  11. Twenty Evidences Why Revelation Was Written before AD 70
  12. When Was (Is) the Great Tribulation?
  13. Who Is the Antichrist?
  14. The Day of the Lord
  15. A Dozen Reasons Why 2 Peter 3 Is Not About Planet Destruction
  16. What Is the New Heaven and New Earth?
  17. Ten Clues to Understanding the New Heaven and New Earth
  18. What Is the Rapture?
  19. Pre-Tribulation Rapture Questions
  20. Matthew 24/25 Compared To Thessalonians
  21. What is the New Jerusalem?
  22. The Crushing of Satan
  23. Introduction to the Book of Daniel
  24. The General Resurrection of the Dead
  25. Two Resurrections
  26. Why Acts 1 Does Not Predict a Bodily Return of Christ
  27. Every Eye Will See Him (Revelation 1:7)
  28. Already but Not Yet
  29. Melding Old and New Testament Judgment Prophecy
  30. Israel and the Demise of Dispensationalism
  31. Who is the Israel of God?
  32. Man of Lawlessness
  33. Zechariah Fulfilled


  1. A Critical Examination of Dispensationalism
  2. What Is Partial Preterism?
  3. How Many Second Comings? Partial Preterist Confusion
  4. Completed Redemption AD 70
  5. Preterism and the Early Church
  6. Were the Writers of the New Testament Preterists?
  7. What the Early Church thought about Daniel’s 70th Week
  8. Why Isn’t the Preterist View More Prevalent?
  9. If the Parousia Was in AD 70, Why is There no Written Record?
  10. What Is Hyper-Preterism?
  11. Quotes of Hyper-Preterists
  12. Sin, Law, and Judgment in the New Covenant
  13. Justification
  14. Preterist and Futurist Universalism Refuted
  15. Salvation to Heaven after AD 70
  16. Heaven Questions and Answers 
  17. The Lord’s Supper after AD 70
  18. The Preterist-Idealist View
  19. The Personhood View of the Resurrection
  20. Why I Am Skeptical of the CBV View of Resurrection
  21. The Corporate Body View vs. Covenant Eschatology
  22. The Preterist and the Institutional Church
  23. The Soul and the Afterlife
  24. Speaking In Tongues: A Preterist Perspective
  25. What is Covenant Creationism?
  26. Dispensationalism: King of King and Lord of Lords? 
  27. Where Hal Lindsey Went Wrong
  28. “Soon” in the Old Testament
  29. The Gathering
  30. Will Jesus Physically Reign on Earth?
  31. Dispensationalism Explained
  32. What’s Left for Us?

  1. Coming on Clouds
  2. Last Days
  3. New Heaven and New Earth
  4. Burning Elements
  5. New Heaven and New Earth in Revelation
  6. Second Coming
  7. Understanding Biblical Judgment Language
  8. Coming in His Kingdom
  9. Benefits of the Second Coming

(The above articles might be revised from time to time.)    

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                   Instructional Videos:

You’ve Got to be Kidding by Brian Martin

Intro to Preterism by Joe Garnett

Revelation by David Curtis

Introduction to Fulfilled Eschatology by Dan Dery


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