Guinea President Alpha Condé Held Hostage as Coup Attempt Unfolds in Capital, Conakry – The Daily Beast

A militant group of soldiers in Guinea have reportedly attempted a government takeover. According to the BBC, an unverified video of Guinea’s President Alpha Condé surrounded by soldiers is circulating, raising questions about his safety. In the video, the soldiers ask President Condé to assure the nation that he is uninjured, but the president remained silent. A military source told Reuters that soldiers had blockaded the only bridge connecting the mainland and the peninsula. The soldiers claim they have closed all borders and shut down the government. However, Guinea’s defense minister reportedly said that the attempted government overthrow was ineffectual.

Guinea’s capital, Conakry, is home to the presidential palace, where heavy gunfire has been prevalent. Residents of the Kaloum district have deserted the streets out of fear as heavily armed soldiers continue to patrol the grounds.

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