Let salvation’s call run!—on Probing the Prophets with Rod

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Let salvation's call run!—on Probing the Prophets with Rod
Deceptive forces to lead unsuspecting hearers into false conclusions. Paul said “Let no man in any way decive you.” It is a great warning!

Having concluded that the man of sin was the final Jewish High Priest and that the apostasy was the nation’s total fall from Moses, we are ready to face the consequences of that apostacy. As we “connect the dots,” we’ll note the separation God intended: those who want the truth from those who want to hold to the past.

This is always a matter of personal honesty and quality study. Paul warned that God would send a deluding influence upon everyone who doesn’t love the truth! An unwillingness to change conclusions when change is warranted dooms one to hold fast to error…and be left wondering and confused.

More too, as we look at us who want the truth, we also want the truth to “run.” What’s good for me is good for others, too.

Join us as we look ino closing this great little book.