Review of Drew Leonard’s Southaven Power 2017 Lecture AD 70 Doctrine

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Review of Drew Leonard's Southaven Power 2017 Lecture AD 70 Doctrine
Drew Leonard, author several books including,  A.D. 70 Taking a Look at Hyper-Preterism, Daniel, Zechariah and Revelation, offer his attempted refutation of the coming of Christ in the first century. He spoke on the Southaven, MS, Power 2017 “End of Time” Lectures. Like every speaker before and after him, Leonard never offered a logical argument from which to draw a Bible-based conclusion that time would end. Yet every speaker assumed or asserted it.

Leonard made several arguments in his attempt to dismantle the Preterist view of Christ’s return in A.D. 70. Among which was Curtis Cate’s argument on Mello, while at the same time granting that Matthew 16:27-28 has an A.D. 70 application, contrary to many of his brethren. He claimed as a few others that Jesus and Paul contradicted themselves on 2 Thessalonians 2:2 “if” the text means “close” or “at hand”. He asserted an “end to time” termination of the reign of Christ and argued Daniel 7:13-14 and Acts 1:9-11 refer to the establishment of the kingdom on Pentecost.

Drew along with other Amillennial futurists seek attempt to circumvent the A.D. 70 comings in Scripture by arguing for multiple interim comings of Christ, which they claim were neither personal, visible nor bodily. They borrow comings from other generations to argue the coming in 70AD was figurative and not applicable to the second appearance to the nation and age in which Jesus died.

Leonard cites other arguments on the Lord’s Supper, the firstfruits resurrection motifs, the dating of Revelation, etc. Recently, he engaged in a live public debate with Steve Baisden, in Ludington, Michigan.